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Svalbard Information

Visit Norway - Svalbard
Official travel guide from the Norwegian Tourist Board.

Governor of Svalbard
Official information about Svalbard from the Governor's office.

The CIA World Factbook: Svalbard:
Information about geography, people, government, economy etc.
Tourist information and facts about Svalbard.

The Svalbard Pages
Information and links for the Svalbard Archipelago.

Picture Websites

Pictures from Svalbard
Approximately 100 good quality photos from Svalbard presenting flora, fauna, landscape, and a special selection of photos from Ny Ålesund. Recommended!

Galenfrysningar - Svalbard
Approximately 80 photos from different parts of Svalbard. Gives a good overview. Recommended!

Svalbard (Špicbergy) 2004
Approximately 200 photos in 11 thematic albums. Many very good quality photos, but titles are in Slovak. Recommended!

Leeds Glaciology Group Expedition to Svalbard Approximately 60 photos form Svalbard, including a selection of good photos from Barentsburg.

Svalbard Images
A large selection of images, maps and links.

Euroshots - Spitzbergen A selection of 22 photos from Svalbard.

Webcams In Norway
Webcameras in Svalbard.

Svalbard/Spitzbergen Photo Expedition 2002
Thirty-six photos from Svalbard, information and links.

Norwegian Polar Institute - Svalbard Info
Information about Svalbard, Svalbard's National Parks and reserves from the Norwegian Polar Institute with many photos.

Kristian Andre's Svalbard Photos About 100 photos from several tours around Svalbard, including impressive photos of the Nortern Light.

Luciano Napolitano's Visit to Svalbard
Approximately 200 winter photos from Svalbard, mostly glaciers and snow.

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