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Svalbard is a group of islands under Norwegian sovereignty located between 74 and 81 north. The largest island is called Spitsbergen.

The population of Svalbard is around 2500, most of them living in Longyearbyen which is the administrative centre and in Barentsburg which is a Russian settlement.

Svalbard has a cold climate with temperatures above the freezing point from May to August. In the summer the sun shines all night, while in the winter the northern light can be amazing. About 60% of Svalbard is covered by glaciers, and only about 6% of the land has vegetation.

The main industy is coal mining; the first mine was established by John M. Longyear in 1906.
Picture Landscape Barentsburg Plants Longyearbyen
A University Centre is located in Longyearbyen offering courses in arctic sciences. Nowadays tourism is also important, however, travel is strictly regulated. Because of the danger of polar bears organized tours are recommended; the local guides carry rifles for your protection. For more information see Svalbard Net.

Personally I wish to travel when the temperature is most pleasant at the destination, however, you may travel to Svalbard at all times of year. At wintertime the northern light and dog sledge tours are marvellous, at summertime the midnight sun and a boat trip to Barentsburg or another location may be a fantastic experience.

This website presents 35 travel pictures (photos) taken during a visit to Svalbard in August 2004.