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Samoa Pictures: Villages


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A large proportion of the population live in oval houses without walls called "fale". The thathced coconut-frond roof is supported by wooden poles, and the floor consists of a platform. Mats made of coconut leaves may be lowered to protect from wind, but not to provide some privacy. In modern fales a small part of the building might have walls. The open fales are practical in the hot and humid climate of Samoa; the people usually only need protection from the sund and rain, the wind should blow through the house to cool those present. The fales contain some modest furniture including table, chairs, sleeping mats and clothing chests. Modern housing of western style is becoming more popular, even though it is less practical in the Samoan climate. In Apia most people live in western style houses.

Every village has at least one church, in some villages churces from several Christian denominations are present. The Baha'is have a beautiful temple in the highlands of 'Upolu.