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Samoa Pictures: the capital Apia


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Apia, the capital of Samoa, is located on the island of 'Upolu. It is the only city in Samoa, and has approximately 35,000 inhabitants. It is fairly quiet, and most houses are only 2 or 3 storeys tall. The seven-storey government building is the tallest house in Apia.

The highlights include the markets, Palolo Deep Marine Reserve (for snorkeling), and the Robert Louis Stevenson museum.

Most restaurants are located on Beach Road and serve mainly western dishes. If you wish to try local dishes you should go to the market where local dishes are served at lunch-time (11am - 1pm). Some restaurants on the eastern end of Beach Road also serve local dishes; they might have some pre-prepared dishes at lunch-time which are not on the printed menu. These dishes, which are intended for locals, are significantly cheaper than the dishes on the printed menu.

Apia is not the most beautiful capital in the Pacific, so instead of spending too much time here we recommend that you hire a car to see more beautiful places on the island of 'Upolu, and perhaps stay at a beach hotel or resort on the southern side of the island, or visit Savai'i for a few days.

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