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Samoa Pictures: Travel Photos and Information

The Independent State of Samoa (earlier called Western Samoa) is located in the Pacific north-east of New Zealand. American Samoa shares the same language and culture.

This website presents 46 travel pictures which were taken during a two week's visit in January 2005. Use the top menu to browse pictures by theme.

Old Polynesian traditions are still alive in Samoa; in most other island nations in the Pacific western influence is much more significant. Before visiting the country we strongly recommend that you read about Samoan culture and traditions.

Samoa has a population of approximately 180,000 inhabitants and consists of two large islands (Savai'i and 'Upolu) and a few small ones.
Picture The capital Apia Beaches Forests and plants Villages
The capital Apia, which is the only city, is located on the island of 'Upolu and has approximately 35,000 inhabitants.

The travel and tourism industry is not as developed and professional as in Fiji or New Zealand. However, Samoa can offer both luxury resorts and backpacker huts. The hotels might be somewhat over-priced compared to the quality of their services, and practically all restaurants are intended for foreign visitors and they serve mainly "western" dishes. Restaurant prices are also fairly high compared to the cost of living. It is, however, possible to get a good and cheap lunch at the market in Apia and in some local cafes.

If you browse through our travel pictures you will see that the Samoan islands are very beautiful. Some of the waterfalls are marvellous, and the beauty of some of the beaches is breathtaking! The snorkeling is also very good! Many of the villages with colourful "fales" (houses without walls) are picturesque.

The Samoan way of life is also very interesting. Their society is less commercialised, their lifestyle has a lower focus on materialism compared to western countries, and they live in a better balance with nature. It is also easy to speak and discuss with the locals as most of them speak English very well.

For those who don't mind a to hot and humid climate a visit to Samoa will be a great experience.

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Moon Handbooks Tonga-Samoa. Author: David Stanley.