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Pictures from Rome


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Rome, the capital of Italy and the former capital of the Roman Empire is one of the world's most visited destinations. Rome has a huge amount of historical sites, fantastic churches, good restaurants, and marvelous piazzas.

The first time I visited Rome I was surprised by the noise, the traffic, and the arrogant Italians; but I was fascinated by the enormous cultural heritage which was evident evrywhere in the old part of the city. I decided to never return; but I couldn't keep my promise and has returned twice, and I will certainly return again!

In order to properly enjoy Rome you must read about the city before visiting her and thus be prepared. I recommend that you prioritize the area between Vatican City and the Spanish Steps; this area has many narrow streets, nice small restaurants, beautiful piazzas, fountains and churches. You must of course also visit Colosseum, the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, and perhaps also the church of San Giovanni in Laterano. And do not forget Saint Peters Basilica and the Vatican Museum!

The pictures presented her were taken during three visits to Rome. More pictures will be added when available.