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Italy Pictures: Travel Pictures and Italy Information

Italy is a beautiful country full of historical sites, museums and art. According to UNESCO, half of the world's historic and artistic assets are within Italy's boundaries! Many buildings in daily use date back to medieval times, and some even date back to Greek and Roman times.

Excavations have returned buried cities, roads, temples, statues, coins, inscriptions and objects of daily use to light.

One visit to Italy will only give you glimpses of its great history and culture; you will probably wish to travel to Italy again and again to learn and experience more each time.

This website presents travel pictures from several visits to Italy over a period of 10 years.
Picture Rome Northern Italy Central Italy Southern Italy
The capital Rome divides Italy in two different parts: northern and southern Italy. In the south life is more relaxed, on the other hand there is more unemployment. In the north life is busy and industrialized. The standard of living in Milan is among the highest in Europe.

A large number of tourists visit Italy each year, in particularly Rome, Florence and Venice. These cities are therefore very busy. As a tourist you may experience arrogance and lack of service when visiting shops, bars and restaurants. You will also find that few Italians speak English. So as a tourist you must be patient!

If you browse through our pictures you will see Italy is very beautiful and picturesque. Please note that very many cities and villages have brown and dull houses, and in many cases the maintenance is bad. This is, however, a part of Italy's charm.

Please enjoy our travel pictures (photos) from Italy!

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