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Some of the small village houses are very charming. Most of the Grenadan houses are fairly small and made of wood, and many are painted in bright colors. Some are not very well maintained, but charming and beatiful anyway. Sometimes there are also goats or hen walking around the houses, and sometimes you will find children playing.

In some villages you will also find larger houses made with concrete, and you may also find villas similar to those found in North America or the UK.

Many charming villages can be visited by travelling with local buses which are privately owned minivans. A local busride is recommended; it is cheap and you will experience some more of the daily life of Grenada. To get off the bus, just knock in the roof, and the driver stops at the next bus stop. Please be aware of the fact that if you are alone in the bus the driver might decide that the bus has become a taxi, and the price will increase. It is still fairly cheap. In that case the bus can drive you directly where you want.

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