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Forests and Plants

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The rain forest covers a large proportion of Grenada and has some nice trails and beautiful lakes and waterfalls. There is an abundance of plants and trees, and you may also be able to see some monkeys. Beautiful tropical flowers can be found in the forests and in the gardens like Bay Gardens, Belmont Estate, and the Botanical gardens.

Nutmeg trees are abundant, and the scent of nutmeg can be noticed around the island. Grenada is actually the second largest producer of nutmeg in the world. The fruits of the nutmeg tree look like apricots. When they are ripe they open and you can see a nut covered by the red mace.

Grenada is also producing high quality cacao beans which are used for the manufacture of chocolate by Grenada Chocolate Company, for preparing cocoa tea, and for export to large chocolate manufacturers. The cacao tree is often grown in the shades of other trees. It can be as tall as 40 feet (12 metres), and has fruits (pods) which are more than on foot (30 cm) long. The fruits may be brownish-yellow to purple, and contain 20-40 seeds or cacao beans in a pink, sweet-sour pulp.
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A few minutes after sunset or just after a rainfall the tree frog starts singing; you migh hear an impressing choir of several dozens of frogs. The tree frog small, just an inch long, but it is making a remarkably loud whisteling song. You will usually find the frog singing from a tree or a wall. Listen to the call of the tree frog (soundMP3, 156 kB).

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