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About Grenada

Grenada is a small island state in the Eastern Caribbean at the southern extremity of the Windward Islands. It is located north of Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela (Latitude 12 deg 07 min N, longitude 61 deg 40 min W). Some of the Grenadine islands belong to Grenada: Carriacou and Petit Martinique. Grenada is a constitution monarchy with Queen Elisabeth II as head of state.

The main island of Grenada is only 21 miles (34 km) long and 12 miles (18 km) wide, the total area is 133 square miles (344 square km). The highest point is Mount Saint Catherine at 2,757 feet (840 m). The total population is approximately 90,000 and roughly 80% are of African descent.

Average temperatures range from 75F (24C) to 87F (30C); the lowest temperatures occur between November and February. The driest season is between January and May.

Tourism and agriculture are important sources for foreign exchange. Export products include bananas, cocoa, nutmeg, fruit and vegetables, clothing, mace.

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