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Pictures from Bakau, The Gambia


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The village of Bakau is built on a clifttop overlooking the Atlantic Ocean just south of the inlet of River Gambia. The Bakau area has besides a number of hotels, a multitude of small restaurants and bars, a market and a handycraft centre. The distance from resort to International Airport is a 25 minutes drive by car.

From Bakau there is a 10 km long series of beaches; here most of the resorts in The Gambia are located. Bakau has several interesting sites for a tourist to visit: Kachikaly Crocodile Pool is a sacred site for the local people. Here you can walk very close to large crocodiles and even touch them; perhaps the nearest you will get a crocodile in Africa without any fear of loosing a hand or a leg. The pool and park are relaxed and quiet, and so are the crocodiles.

Bakau Market is a lively place full of colors, but smaller than Albert Market in Banjul. It is well worth a visit. To the north of Bakau Market you will find a fairly large crafts market intended for tourists. Here you can buy beautiful hand carved masks, sculptures, animals etc., and you can also buy beautiful handmade batik.

Bakau fishing port is located close to Bakau Market. Here colorful fishing boats come and go; the jetty is a perfect spot for watching the vessels. There is also a large fish market, several small and large fish smokeries, and areas where fish is dried in the sun. A lot of people, colors and smells. Absolutely recommended, preferably in the early morning or in the afternoon!