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The Republic of The Gambia is located along the river Gambia in western Africa and is surrounded by Senegal in the north, east and south. Along the western Atlantic coast there are a number of beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque villages.

The Gambia is the smallest country on mainland Africa and has a population of 1.5 million. English is official language, but most people have other primary languages, like Mandinka, Wolof, Fula and others.

The climate is sub-tropical with two distinct seasons: the wet season from July to October, and the dry season from November to June. The best time to travel to the Gambia is the dry season. A number of excellent beach resorts are located on the Atlantic coast.
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If you are curious about Africa, visiting The Gambia will be an easy way to get a first glimpse of the continent, and simultaneously combine with relaxing times on beautiful beaches. Many of the hotels and beach resorts are located close to colorful villages and markets. When leaving your hotel or tourist area we recommend that you are accompanied by one of the local, official guides who you can find outside your hotel. These guides carry badges with the name of the hotel as well as their own name. They are not paid by the hotel, only by the tourists who hire them. The price for a day is fairly low, and by using one of them you will avoid the hassle by others trying to be your guide for the day. These guides have valuable local knowledge and can tell you where to find the markets with the best prices, give advice on bargaining, and find good restaurants with local food, etc.

You will not see the same wildlife in the Gambia as in East Africa. Abuko Nature Reserve is located close to the airport of Banjul. Here you will be able to watch birds, see some wild monkeys, and a few other types of animals inside caged or fenced areas. In addition to Abuko, The Gambia has five other national parks or reserves (if the primary intention for your holiday is to watch wild animals do not choose the Gambia as your destination).

The Gambia is among the countries in Africa with lowest average income. Many workers have income of 1 US$ per day, and this may be the only income for a family. Those working in hotels and restaurants are dependent on tips from guests, so please remember to tip even when you eat at your hotel restaurant and when you check out of your hotel. Also remember to buy handicraft at markets and shops and thereby support the local people. Unfortunately too many people are dependent on income from a fairly low number of tourists; so be prepared to hear the phrase "come look at my shop" a number of times each day.

Travel guide books indicate that there are ATMs in the Gambia, however, we experienced that only one ATM was working; it was located in central Banjul, which is far away from the hotel areas in Bakau. If no ATM is available you can generally not use credit cards in banks or shops to withdraw cash, with a few exceptions. Bring sufficient cash or travel checks!

Before your travel to the Gambia you should remember to bring malaria pills, long sleeved shirts and long pants for evenings and for visits in wildlife reserves, and insect repellants. The mosquitos are most active in the evening after 5 pm, and insect repellants may not give 100% protection. There are not huge amounts of mosquitos, but without protecting yourself you will certainly get some bites.

During our stay we visited Bakau, Banjul and Serekunda; in addition we went on a two-day tour to Senegal where we visited a nature reserve with giraffes, rhinos, antelopes and other animals.