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Pictures from the Cuban capital Havana (La Habana)


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The Cuban capital Havana (La Habana) has a population of around 2 millions. The Old Town (Habana Vieja) is beautifully restored and has a number of hotels, restaurants and shops. Many restaurants and bars have live Cuban music. The areas surrounding Habana Vieja have not been restored, and some of them need immediate repairs and painting.

The well-known street of Malacon is well worth a visit. In the afternoon people gather in this street to rest, to meet friends, and to have a stroll. The Hamel Street (Callejon de Hamel) is very special and colorful due to the large mural paintings.

Other places which must be visited are Plaza de la Revolucion, Capitolio, the old fortresses, the cathedral, Prado (Paseo de Marti), a cigar factory, and some of the museums depending on your intests.