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Cuba is a beautiful country with old Spanish colonial architecture, art deco buildings, beautiful beaches and beach resorts, nice landscapes, and a fascinating culture. Eight Unesco World Heritage sites can be found in Cuba!

In contrast to the USA and most western countries, Cuba is blessed with the total absence of McDonald's, advertising boards and commercial neon signs. There are only a few boards and walls with revolutionary slogans and propaganda.

The Cuban people have suffered a lot, both during the USA-supported dictatorship which ended by the revolution in 1959, later because of the US embargo, and because the government has not been able to fully utilize the potential for agricultural production and industry.
Picture Havana Vinales Varadero Trinidad
The lack of money and goods is evident almost everywhere except in tourist resorts like Varadero. Most buildings have not been painted or properly maintained for many decades, but it is still possible to imagine their former beauty. However, the conditions in the worst parts of Havana are not worse than parts of US cities.

Old Havana has now been maintained and painted and is a beautiful gem! This is shown on some of our pictures. Imagine how beautiful Havana will be when all buildings have been repaired and painted! - Havana will then perhaps become the most beautiful capital of the world! Parts of other towns and villages have also been beautifully painted and repaired.

Even though people have low income, everybody gets food and housing, and the educational system of Cuba is among the best in the world. The free health services are also excellent except that the country lacks medicines and medical equipment, to a large extent because of the US embargo.

Eventually Cuba will change, so visit Cuba now if you wish to see the country before the changes come! The best time of year is January to April because of pleasant weather, and the worst time is July to August because of the heat and because Cubans and most other people have their holiday at this time.

This website presents a selection of pictures from visits to Cuba in 2006 - 2009; see the travelogue summary for details.

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